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Auditions and suspense ...

It's not everyone who's allowed to turn up for the audition a day late, but after spraining my ankle on a slippery bit of Salisbury, and given that there was one other late person, she and I turned up at the Millennium Hall of HMS Collingwood promptly enough this evening.

I really don't know what sort of luck I'm in. Chris-the-director was at pains to explain that this year's stagings are not going to be ideal: Portsmouth Historic Dockyard made a loss last year, and instead of encouraging more people in they have ramped up the charges for the venues, putting the Victory Arena well out of the RN Theatre Association's budget (which given that PHD owe their existence to the past RN is - well, inexplicable).

Instead we are using the Wardroom garden of HMS Nelson which is, wouldn't you know it, mostly sunken, with backstage a long way back, although Chris admitted that they could work around that.

The former Second Sea Lord is now in grace-and-favour digs at Leeds Castle in Kent and has invited us there; but he wants the stage to be an island in the lake which, heaven help us, is reached by a plank bridge, with all the backstage ashore ... so on logistical grounds I am not at all hopeful, especially as Feste (the part I would most like) is envisaged as rushing round the stage directing the action. I wouldn't mind either Toby Belch or Maria otherwise, but Toby is in for some fighting, so *le sigh*

The audition itself was interesting. I read the Feste/Maria/Olivia scene (all three parts) from the beginning of Scene 5 where Maria says "Nay, tell me where thou hast been: my lady will hang thee for thy absence." to Feste "The more fool, madonna, to mourn for your brother's soul being in heaven. Take away the fool, gentlemen."

Chris said he liked it very much, and then said "You do Shakespeare better than you do Pratchett" to which I very nearly said "Well of course I do," but instead said "It feels more like my voice" to which Chris said "Well do Pratchett with that voice."

So: interesting ... I may or may not be on for Twelfth Night (although I did see Assistant Director put a tick against my name for Maria, which at least means I am under consideration) but for once in a while I think I have made some kind of impact on the director *muted cheers*.

Let's see what happens.

In other news, Imogen is making a nuisance of herself. This is usually my road along Stokes Bay to work:
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I wonder if RNTA will ever do Cymbeline?

Round the Buoy, or, Here we go again ...

News just out: Jane Blatch-Gainey, our Banquo in last year's 'Macbeth', has won 'Best Supporting Actor in a Shakespeare' in the local Curtain Call awards. Well done!

Meanwhile, the cycle starts again: auditions for 'Twelfth Night' are on the 5th and 6th of February. The director already knows I'm interested in Feste and Maria, and if he's open to a bit of adaptation I may go for Toby Belch as well....

The cost of hiring the Victory Arena is beyond our reach this year, so we are hoping for the sunken garden of the HMS NELSON wardroom. Watch this space!

The world's coldest rehearsal, brrrrr....

It really is ridiculously cold for July - especially after sunset. No photographs on Monday because I didn't take the camera - our first full run. Wednesday our second full run, although we started with Act V scene last because we didn't get it in on Monday, and then carried on till the scene before - so everything happened in a rather loopy way. (What held Monday up was much extra weapons practice, followed by a massive argument between Director and Fight Master because FM had re-jigged the entire first scene without consulting D, bad form).

So - yesterday's rehearsal went on till 10.30 pm. And it's our last rehearsal in COLLINGWOOD's car park. Next Monday is Tech. Tuesday is Dress. Wednesday we Open! Unlike Henry V we haven't had the tents set up in rehearsal so I don't know whether anything will be photographable ...

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Eric Ravilious

I think I may have fallen in love all over again....


These are some of the reasons.


Beware of Greeks bearing gifts?


M-I-L has sent us some home-made mint tea and home-made lemon tea.

Given her track record of poisoning me with underdone poultry, I have my doubts...

But it's the thought that counts.

I think.

Friday change of plan...

Well, I was planning to finish the layout for the Midsummer Night's Dream programme.

But it's been a nasty stressy week in some ways.

So OH and I had a fish-and-chips-and-icecream picnic dinner on the beach, and have come home to a glass of wine, and now I'm going to write fic.


Long day

Workshop day with the RNTA today - thank you Michael Corbridge from the RSC; great fun and very inspiring.

Then back to the flat for some teamwork preparing of stir-fry and fruit salad for OH and friend and me before ferrying OH and friend to Weymouth and Multiplex - the two of them are sailing her to Poole tomorrow and (we hope) to the Hamble on Monday.

That's three or four hour's driving on top of a day's creative work - I come back absolutely buzzing in my brain but my hips hurting so much after all the sitting that ouch ouch ouch... I can't do with this being two people all the time...

And then I get cross with myself for whinging so much, sigh.
... seeing as I am a Friend thereof, after the Friends' AGM there were drinks, nibbles, and a look round the new HMS Hear My Story gallery, which encompasses the 20th-21st century and especially, at the moment, the Great War.

I snuck some pictures... and I thought of hyarrowen as we passed through the Age of Sail gallery en route. Should have taken you there!